Cleaning and disinfection of water reservoir Tank is very important to ensure clean water supply. Lack of regular cleaning will make the Tank full of dirt and algae. Not only that, Lack of Cleaning creates bacteria and virus problem. To clean and disinfect water reservoir Tank, we follow six steps.
Step 1: we provide manual air circulation after open the entrance point to make sure that the reservoir has enough oxygen flow to avoid danger,
Step 2: we clean up the entrance, Step 3: we clear out all the remaining water through submersible water pump, Step 4: After go down, we put cleaning and disinfectant chemical to the wall of the Tank, Step 5: we cleanup the Tank walls using Water High Pressure Jet Machine Step 6: Thoroughly cleanup the Floor of the Tank and make sure the floor become very clean HSL Hygiene Services Limited is an expert in cleaning of your Water Reservoir Tank.