Rodent Control

Rats in your home or Offices are no laughing matter. These rodents carry diseases and can cause damage to your home or Office.

The most common rats are Black Rat and Brown Rat. Rats are opportunistic survivors and live near humans.

Rats are extremely cunning animals. It causes a lot of problems for houses or offices. People tried to exterminate it but it is not a very easy task. Using poison to exterminate them can make your premise malodor by its death here and there. So, to exterminate them, we need to be clever. So, rat trap and glue-board method is the most effective till yet. After catch them in little innovative way, it can be destroyed without producing or causing any kind of problem for your premise. 


Rodent Control or Treatment: Traditional Glue-board method is the most effective procedure for removing Rat/Rodent. We will set up adequate glue boards in the targeted areas.

  • We will apply glue-board 2 times in a month
  • Checking will be done 08 times in a month


Precaution: We always try to use adequate safety materials. So, the risk factor will be remarkably decreased. Moreover, we are always using fully environment friendly chemicals for Cockroach & Rodent Control.

Guarantee: Pest Control is a not a one time job. But it is a continuous process. Nobody can guarantee you that any place will remain pest free forever, if there is no continuous action against pest.