In spite of being the low rank working force of an organization, peons and office boys is the epicenter around which the entire office revolves. While on photocopying or arranging the files or keep the documents or documentation submission to Bank, he/she saves a lot of working hours for the valuable executives. It is their duties to do tasks as the superior Supervisor orders. On regular interval, Executives call for water bottle, for canteen delivery, for paperwork and so on. Therefore, the importance of office boys or peons can never be underestimated. HSL Hygiene Services Limited provides the most dependable Office Boy Services for every whether it is a MNCs or small corporate. We must look into the following aspect in choosing a Office Boy or Peon to serve our Clients:

  • Physically Fitness
  • Height
  • Appearance
  • Personal Hygiene
  • On/Off duty Habit
  • Educational Qualification
  • Punctuality & timeliness

After choosing them, we conduct training on different disciplines. After training and getting satisfactory response from them, we deploy them into work.

Handling of office documents, which include collection, delivery, filing and bundling, assisting in distribution of cheques, file room management etc is the job of a Office Boy or Peon.