HSL Hygiene Services Limited always maintains open and transparent relationships with its clients, employees and other partners. Every aspect of our front Desk service is customized to meet the accurate operational requirements of our clients and most importantly, to comply with their corporate cultures, values and brand.

Our goal is not only serving with highest quality front desk service but also to act as a brand ambassador for your business.

​​Our Front Desk Executives are skilled, highly motivated, educated enough and passionate about their service and eager to take full responsibility of the front desk. It would be tautology that we are more that capable of providing competent front desk executive according to the client’s requirement.

After confirming client’s requirement with financial affirmation, we conduct a recruitment process. Where we must ensure the following:

  • Educational Qualification (At least Graduation)
  • Physical Appearance
  • Physical fitness
  • Voice Clarity
  • Quick decision making ability
  • Politeness
  • File Management Ability
  • Speak up ability
  • Punctuality and timeliness
  • Personal Hygienic &
  • Personality

After successful recruitment process and selection, we conduct a training program. After completion of training program, we provide him/her as a Front Desk executive. As always, we take customer feedback and keep his/her track record into our database.