Termite Control Service

Termite is an insect that is depending on taking wood as food. Few months are enough for termites to destroy your favorite furniture without noticing you.

To get rid of it, there is two type of solutions;

One is Long Term Solution & Other is Short Term Solution.

Long Term Termite Treatment:

For Long Term Solution, easiest way is Pre-Construction Termite Treatment.

In the Pre-Construction Treatment, we need to dig near boundary line and Put the medicine in regular distance. This method will last for a long term.

If the Building already built and no termite treatment have done before then we require making holes in regular distant to put the medicine for the best result. This method is also very effective in Long Term Termite Treatment.

Short Term Termite Treatment:

Spraying medicine to the infected area is the way to eliminate Termite. This method is effective for short Term. Termites are easy to spot: they look like white ants. Our highly effective medicine can guarantee for the best result available. HSL Hygiene Services Limited is a specialist in Termite Treatment.


Termite Treatment Method at a Glance

  • Perimeter Digging Treatment
  • Perimeter Drilling Treatment
  • General Termite Pesticides Spraying
  • Aluminum Phosphate Treatment