Termite Control Service

Pre-construction termite treatment

 Pre-construction termite treatment is the process of killing all the termites present in a structure before any construction work is done. Pre-construction termite treatment is done by using chemicals that are sprayed on the wood to kill all the termites present in the wood. The chemicals are then left to dry and remain in place for a certain period of time, which is usually a few days. The chemicals kill all the termites and their eggs and larvae that are present in the wood.

Why is Pre-construction termite treatment so important in Bangladesh?

Pre-construction termite treatment is the most effective and efficient way to prevent termite infestation before you begin construction. Pre-construction termite treatment is extremely important in Bangladesh as termites are a serious threat to your home. Termites are destructive insects that can cause structural damage to your home, which can cost thousands of dollars to repair. A termite infestation can also cause severe health problems for you and your family, as the pests are known to carry diseases like salmonella and days.

How does pre-construction termite treatment work?

Pre-construction termite treatment is very effective in termite control. It is a process that involves the removal of the infestation from the building site and the installation of a barrier around the structure before any construction work begins. The materials used for pre-construction termite treatment include formic acid, boric acid, phosphoric acid, and diatomaceous earth. They are mixed together and applied as a barrier to prevent termites from entering the building. Additionally, these materials are expelled on the site to prevent termites from advancing any further. If a pre-construction termite treatment is applied during initial building preparations then other pest control procedures such as foundation matting and wall/roof taping will not be necessary as long-lasting protection measures against subsequent infestations are provided. This can save time in that they would have been unnecessary had one application taken care of it all upfront or prevented things like roaches, carpet beetles, and fire ants from infesting the area in preparation for building work.

How much does our termite pretreatment cost?

Termite pre-treatment costs vary from place to place. For example, if you live in a city, termite pretreatment costs will be much more than if you live in a rural area. The cost of termite pre-treatment depends on the type of termite treatments that you choose. You can choose from different types of termite treatments like Termidor, Zemgo, Termite Barrier, and ActiveTermites.


The pre-construction termite treatment is an important part of the building process. It ensures that the new home or office is pest-free and a healthy environment for you to live in. If you are planning to build a new home, make sure that you hire our professional pest control company to ensure your new home.