Glass Cleaning service in bd

Mirrors and glasses are known as dust or dirt magnets. They take the dirt so easily that you will feel awful cleaning them now and then. Dirt on the mirror or glass obstructs the beautiful view you could see from your windows. Even the grimes don’t let the sunshine in. Despite rigorous washing, you may feel like you couldn’t wash them properly. You can blindly trust Hygiene Services Limited. We are offering a glass cleaning service in bd. Our service will blow your mind that you will be able to see the real you and the real site around you.


Why do you need to clean your glass?

Clear glass can also keep your mind clear. Dirt, dust, and other particles tend to stay on the glass and won’t go away until you clean them. The settled dirt will not only make the window look horrible but also will increase the growth of allergens. It’s the main reason for various skin diseases and also other diseases like the cold. But if you hire a professional to clean the mirror and window glass, they will remove the harmful, unwanted particles completely. Morning sunlight is good for health, an unclean window doesn’t let the sunlight in and deprives you of vitamin D. So a clean window is necessary. Some harmful elements such as paint, spray, acid rain, and others can block sunlight but regular glass cleaning can remove all the pollutants. A transparent window is always enjoyable. Commercial sites should also take glass cleaning services. In Dhaka, pollution is everywhere. If businesses don’t keep their windows clean, the employees can fall sick. HSL offers an effective glass cleaning service in Dhaka. Every business can easily avail of the services.  


 Our Glass Cleaning Services For

HSL is providing a glass cleaning service in Bangladesh. Mainly our glass cleaning services are for:

Commercial building: Businesses have thousands of employees working for them. In Dhaka glass cleaning services are more appropriate for commercial buildings.  

Apartments: Maximum of us live in apartments. If apartments remain dirty and pollutants, it won’t bring any for the people living there.

Shopping malls: Every day millions of people go shopping. Most of the shopping malls are situated beside roads so they get dirty so easily. Dust on the shopping mall’s glass wall looks pretty bad. But we can perfectly clean them.

Hotels and restaurants: Pollutants don’t look good on the surface of the glass. Our service will leave the glass spark in the dark.

Educational institutes: Your children are precious to us. Pollutants on the glass surface can produce allergens and cause health problems. We are here to serve schools, colleges, and universities.

Government building: Cleanliness is a sign of good citizenship. Besides maintaining a healthy and safe environment, government buildings should have clear windows.  

Religious building: Places of worship are important for religious people. They are important to us. We provide a glass cleaning service in Dhaka for every sector.

Hospitals: Having clean glass and windows is important for every sector. Especially in hospitals, there’s a high chance of spreading germs and bacteria. We’re proudly serving hospitals.


Our Glass Cleaning Method:

Achieving streak-free windows and mirrors is a challenge nowadays. Sometimes we spend hours spraying and rubbing the window but fail to see a satisfactory result. They look as dirty as before. Hygiene service limited has professional glass cleaners. They are highly trained and know how to do their job. Our glass cleaning methods are-


  • At first, we mix a unique solution into a gallon to clean the surface, frame, glass, and others. We use very high-quality products to do so.
  • Scrubbing is an important method while cleaning a glass window or mirror. Our scrubbing covers every square inch so that it can be properly cleaned.
  • Then using a high-quality squeegee, we clean every corner of the glass. There’s a special way to do that.
  • We wipe the excess water with a dry clean cloth.
  • Our experts also clean the frames and others. No watermarks will be left.


Areas for our glass cleaning service in Bd

Hygiene Service Limited is available to give glass cleaning services in Bangladesh. In Dhaka city businesses, homeowners can take service from us. Let’s know some of the popular areas we’re available for glass cleaning services –

Gulshan: This is a popular area in Dhaka. We have a good number of regular clients in Gulshan. We are serving both the businesses and the homeowners regularly.

Banani: This is probably another popular area. Many corporate offices, fashion houses, and apartments are situated here and we’re here to serve them.

Motijheel: Probably the busiest area in Dhaka. This area is all about commercial sites. They are regularly taking service from HSL.

Mirpur: A populated area that has restaurants, hospitals, shopping malls. HSL is available to provide glass cleaning services here.  

Dhanmondi: We know that there are many commercial buildings in Dhanmondi. If they want to clean the building surface without any hesitation they can contact us.

Besides these areas, we also cover


  • Mohakhali,
  • Malibagh,
  • Purbachal,
  • Lalbagh,
  • Mohammadpur,
  • Nakhal para,
  • Shyamoli,
  • Kallyanpur,
  • Niketon,
  • Eskaton,
  • Khilgaon,
  • Khilkhet,
  • Uttara,
  • Bashundhara,
  • Panthapath,
  • Baridhara,
  • Farmgate,
  • Bangla motor,

and other areas.


Why are hygiene services best for glass cleaning services?

Cleaning your glass window and mirrors on your own is not easy, you may not be able to extract all the harmful elements from it. The leftover dirt can cause significant problems. But Hygiene services are providing the best glass cleaning services in Dhaka. The first thing we do before cleaning your windows or mirrors is check the current amount of mold and then clean them accordingly. In this pandemic, before giving any service our team ensures proper sanitization. Our glass cleaning services include:


  • After construction, window cleaning.
  • Restoring glass.
  • Residential apartments’ glass cleaning.
  • Interior glass cleaning like windows, frames, lobby, surfaces, and others.


Why choose Hygiene Services Limited?


  • Our team carefully inspected the area that needed to be cleaned.
  • We use effective methods.  
  • Our services are cost-effective.
  • We use high-quality products and equipment to clean up.
  • Trained manpower.

As a professional glass cleaning service provider in Bangladesh, we can guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.


 How will you contact us?

You can easily find HSL on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Youtube. You can also visit our website and call us on the number given on our website, you can visit us at the address given on the website. We are mainly operating in Dhaka. But the people from all over Bangladesh can take glass cleaning service from us.