Sofa wash services in Bangladesh


Living in a clean and safe environment is a human right. Access to a neat and clean home, hygienic washroom, and clean furniture not only keep us thriving but also let us start each day fresh. Furniture like a sofa holds memories, you tend to read your favorite book lying on it. Also watching movies with your family, enjoying football games, playing video games, talking about old memories. Sometimes you consume your dinner sitting on it as your favorite show going on the TV and you don’t bother to sit at dining. You should clean the things that take so much for you. There are various sofa wash services in Bangladesh. You can choose the best package for cleaning your sofa.

Why do you need to wash your Sofa?

Any furniture with fabric needs to be cleaned deeply just like the lying carpet on the floor. You do so much on your sofa. Regular sofa washing is necessary if you want to maintain a neat and clean home. Businesses also need to keep the sofas clean to have a nice working environment. Normally, a sofa with good quality fabric lasts for more than 10 years. Let’s know the reasons why do you need to wash your sofa-

  • Unknowingly you’re releasing dust, mud, dead skin, and bacteria into your sofa’s fabric every time you are sitting, lying, or even moving around it. It not only allergens the fabric of that furniture but also negatively affects the air quality of your home.
  • The left allergens, dust, and dead skin can get into the fibers of your sofa fabric and can cause several allergies and illnesses. It will have more effect on the person who is sensitive to allergen, mold, and dust. Washing the sofa fabric reduces all these irritants drastically and ensures a healthy environment for you and your family.
  • Over the sofa, you’ve spent countless movie nights, had hundreds of TV dinners, faced illnesses, and played video games. If you have kids then the sofa is their ultimate playing and feeding station. The sofa is even your pet’s favorite spot to wait for your arrival clearly, lots of events take place on your furniture like a sofa. These things can make them dirty and odorous. So if you want to get rid of the bad smell, you have to wash your sofa.
  • Your furniture including the expensive ones is your investment. If you want to use them for a long time then washing them is the right solution.
  • Appearance carries lots of beauty. Clean furniture enhances the beauty of a house.

In Bangladesh, we are providing lots of services including sofa washing services. Now you know the reasons for washing your sofa set. Take care of them because they are precious.

Can we wash the sofa at home?

Many homeowners are tempted to wash their sofa set on their own but we suggest not to do that. Homeowners buy the sofa washing machine from shops. Where those machines may not be powerful enough to clean the fabric or maybe they are so powerful that you end up damaging your valuable furniture. But you can trust us on this. You don’t even have to move your sofa set as we will do that for you and wash the sofa at home.

Our Sofa Cleaning service  Method

You can trust the Hygiene service as we follow the right sofa cleaning method. Our professional sofa cleaning methods include –

  • Heat extraction: To remove dust and other harmful particles we conduct steam heat extraction technology that utilizes high temperature and removes excess moisture, dirt, and dust altogether. This method significantly reduced the shrinkage of sofa fabric and made it clean like never before. Besides, the cleaning process only needs a few hours to complete.
  • Carbonation washing: Another cleaning method named carbonation washing can leave the sofa looking unused. We use a small amount of carbonating cleaning solution and water. Million small bubbles will penetrate into the fibers of the sofa and remove grime and dirt. It also leaves a protective barrier on the surface of the furniture and reduces further damage.
  • Chemical wash: We use chemically safe products to wash your sofa. In the chemical cleaning method, we use a unique dry shampoo that removes all the dirt and others.
  • Foam wash: Sofa washing that requires foam solution is known as foam cleaning. The amount of foam can be controlled by the washer. Foam cleaning service gives you a clean and perfumed sofa.
  • Dry wash: Another type of cleaning is known as dry cleaning. This method doesn’t require any water to clean the sofa. A simple chemical powder is enough to clean up the harmful particles.

Which chemical is used for sofa washing?

Washing a sofa is a time-consuming and hazardous thing to do.  We are giving excellent sofa wash services in Bangladesh. We don’t use any harmful chemicals to wash the sofa. Our professional cleaner carefully examines the condition of your sofa and then they decide how they are going to clean it. Normally we use materials like a vacuum, upholstery cleaning machines, dry chemicals, and other necessary equipment.

Areas for our Sofa wash services in Bangladesh

 HSL is available to serve the whole of Bangladesh. In Dhaka city, we are available in almost every area. Let’s know some of the popular areas we’re providing our sofa wash services-

Gulshan: This is one of the most popular areas in Dhaka. We have lots of regular clients in this area. We serve both businesses and homeowners simultaneously.

Banani: This is another popular place. There are many corporate offices located here and we are serving them very often.

Motijheel: It’s the busiest area in Dhaka. The businesses are taking service from us.

Mirpur: The most populated area in Dhaka. The homeowners can gladly take service from us.

Dhanmondi: We know that there are many restaurants in Dhanmondi and many people are living here. If they need any cleaning service, without a doubt they can contact us.

The above areas we have discussed are the popular areas but we are able to serve anywhere in Bangladesh.

Why hygiene services are best for Sofa cleaning services in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

While washing your sofa on your own, you may not able to extract all the watery elements from it. The leftover water can cause significant problems like mold or further staining. But Hygiene services are providing the best sofa washing services in Dhaka. The first thing we do before washing your sofa is check the current condition of your sofa set and then wash them according to the requirement. HSL ensures quality in every service we are providing at this moment. To avail of the service you just have to call us on the number given on our website, you can visit our office (the address is given on the website). According to your requirements, we will suggest to you the services that will suit you the most. Our washing process is eco-friendly. You don’t have to leave the house while we are washing. We guard against any problems like cushion shrinkage, faded color, damaged texture, staining, and dye bleeding. Among the sofa wash services in Bangladesh, we are trying to give you the best

How will you contact us?

You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Youtube. You can also visit our website and call us on the number given on our website, you can visit our office (the address is given on the website). Although our main operation area in Dhaka. But we are providing sofa wash services all over Bangladesh.


Fabric sofas are cozy and beautiful. They can be your nightmares too as you have to keep them neat and clean. But accidents are bound to happen that turn your beautiful sofa into an ugly one. HSL is offering sofa wash services in Bangladesh. We follow the best cleaning method to wash your sofa set.