As a service provider company, Proper Training is a must for our success. We prepare raw or unskilled people into skilled work force to meet the growing customer demands. Not only that, In order to get optimum from our regular work force, we conduct different On-Job Training on regular basis.


We have a set of experience manpower. We are maintaining a standard policy of recruitment and training for our on-hire staffs. We have many years of experience about different type of services in Bangladesh.


  • Free Training –
  • Basic Training (3 days for New Employees)
  • Quarterly Training for Project Co’s & Supervisors for develop their professional skill.
  • On Job Training
  • Health & Safety Training


  • Attractive Salaries are being paid by 7th to 10th day of each month.
  • Over Time Facilities
  • Attendance allowance are given to the workers
  • 2(Two) Eid Festival Bonuses in a year
  • Group Life Insurance Facilities
  • Yearly Increment
  • Leave

We are professionals, and we strive to provide your building with well-trained cleaning personnel. We believe our most important asset is our people. The success of our business depends on them, so our people are well trained and well supervised.


We have different Training course for different group of work force. We designed our Training course according to the job responsibilities of the different group of people.

In spite of difference in Training module for different group of people, the common features of our Training courses are-

  • Provide Information about HSL Hygiene Services Limited
  • Provide detail Information about Job responsibilities
  • About Quality and Standard of the company
  • Skill Training
  • Proper Use of the Tools/Equipment
  • Proper Use of the Materials
  • Handling of Machinery, if applicable
  • Tools, Equipment care
  • Service Goal for the respective service
  • Importance of Schedule base Job
  • On-Job Behavior
  • Off-Job Behavior
  • Manners and Client Response
  • Health and Safety Issue
  • Importance of wearing according to Proper Dress Code
  • Service Book Maintenance
  • About necessary documentation, where required


Through our professional training course, we act as an associate for our clients to meet their requirements. We improve overall service knowledge and concept for our workers. Like any other job, a successful service program must require proper planning and execution in a more professional way. More than all of these, you have to conduct a top quality inspection on a regular basis.


On-Job-Training and its objective

~ to be carried out under the qualified trainer and managed by QC department

~ to adjust with the job site

~ Special Skill improvement program



  • DAY-LONG Training is conducting by a training team consist of two trainers
  • Training will be done through projector and Board
  • Normal Training Hours 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM



Health & Safety Issue is a major part in our activity. We never practice shortcut method. We arrange the Health & Safety Training program in regular interval.

Usually, we must do:

  • Analyze Risk assessment before a work start
  • Apply the best safety materials and methods to remove the risk factors
  • Not to practice one single risky job
  • To consult with our workers to increase the awareness regarding health and safety
  • Adopting all measures to prevent accidents and cases of work-related ill health


We never do/use

  • Faulty ladders.
  • Use risky equipment without proper training,
  • Will not work in risky place without proper safety materials.